Permit No.: AP – 2000195 - Valid from 20/03/2022 to 19/03/2024



Trésor employment agency has several services to answer every client’s needs. From a permanent placement to a temporary staffing, we will be in charge of a very rigorous selection process that will allow you to find your treasure, a candidate that matches all your requirements!

Transportation service

Finish with the latecomers, free transportation. Every day our drivers make it easy for your staff, by moving them from their point of departure to their workplace, a benefit to your business. Start your day off on the rigth foot and forget about delays and employees not showing up !

Permanent staffing

If you are looking to fill a long-term position for your company, look no further. It will be a pleasure for us to help you find the best candidates for the job. Our agency will be in charge of the advertising, the gathering and filtering of the applications. After a well conducted selection, we will be able to present you with only the applications that correspond the best to your requirements. If the applicant you hire does not fulfill your needs during the first three months of their employment, our agency guarantees a replacement.

Temporary staffing

If you are in urgent need of staff for a limited period of time, our candidate’s database will offer you a fast and simple solution. Our agency is committed to providing the best candidates. Once the selection is done, you will only have to pay for the established hourly rate, as for the payment procedure and the social advantages of the employees, you can leave it to us!

Semi temporary staffing

The Employment Agency Trésor is able to adapt to all your personnel needs. Our semi-permanent placement service will help you to if you are looking for permanent employees. Therefore you can evaluate the employee for a period of two to four weeks, as a temporary employee. During this period as a temporary employee, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. Thus, after having assessed the quality of its services, you will be able to definitively hire the employee

Candidate’s payment management

Our agency is pleased to offer you a payment management service for your candidates. Let us be in charge of the delivery, taxes, income, employment insurance, pensions, contribution to health services fund, records of employment and the 1, T-4 records. We also work with “La commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail” (CNESST)

In-house services

Our agency is proud to offer you personalized in-house services. If you need staff recruitment, you can leave it all to us. We will send one of our team’s member to your company. They will prepare every step of the candidate’s selection and hiring procedure for you. Let us be your temporary human resources management department. Recruitment has never been this simple!

Why do business with us?

Trésor employment agency has a large expertise in human resources. We guarantee a selection of experienced and high-performing candidates, as well as a placement and recruitment service that is both fast and well adapted to your needs. But wait, there is more.  Our engagement does not end once the recruitment process is completed; we will make sure to make a periodic evaluation of the employees.

Aside from being well known for the quality of our engagement, Trésor is proud to offer you a human and personalized service that is based on solid values of reliability and transparency.