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International Recruitment

International Recruitment


Our international recruitment service specializes in the following professions:

You can rest assured by the quality and qualifications of the candidates who will be proposed to you. Our goal is to provide you with trained and competent workers who are available to work immediately.


In order to offer choice to our clients, we recruit in the following regions: Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe

Trésor Employment Agency Inc. has partnerships in several countries to vary the recruitment sources of candidates.

When choosing the origin of the candidates we propose, we evaluate language and the specific competencies required. We also take the culture and values of your company in consideration.

Our experienced recruiters know how to find competent candidates who meet your requirements. We can set up a recruitment mission in the region of your choice from the list above, during which you can meet candidates to assess their technical competencies.

Generally, workers recruited by Trésor Employment Agency Inc. wish to permanently settle in Canada. Whether it is for its healthcare and education systems or for its safety, Canada is a top choice for immigration thanks to its desirable quality of life.

Foreign workers, who settle in Canada for work, will find it easier to integrate into the country and their immigration process will be facilitated.


The international recruitment process may seem arduous, but our goal at Trésor Employment Agency Inc. is to make it as simple and as efficient as possible for your company. This is why we offer a personalized turnkey service according to your needs. Our role spans from recruitment to welcoming the foreign workers and helping them integrate.

First, we collect your selection criteria for international recruitment. Many factors are taken into consideration such as the job title, the job description, education and experience required. We work closely with you to understand the language requirements and determine which countries to recruit in. We also take the time to understand the culture and values of your company. To sum up, we do everything we can to recruit the best candidates for you!

We complete an exhaustive analysis of your eligibility for the Government’s International Recruitment Programs (requirements and company responsibility). Our analysis of the different aspects of the job offer allows us to make clear recommendations to help you and to get your file approved.

To meet the requirements of the Government’s International Recruitment Program, we manage the job postings (if necessary) based on government criteria.

We recruit candidates according to your selection criteria and we analyze their professional backgrounds in detail before the interview stage. We also take care of the reference checks and the medical and legal checks for each candidate before presenting them to you.

If you wish to do so, together with a representative of Trésor Employment Agency Inc., it is possible to meet the candidates in person during a recruitment mission. We take it upon ourselves to organize the trip to allow you to meet the candidates you have preselected. During this mission, you have the opportunity to test the technical competencies of the candidates before making a final selection, as you would do for Canadian candidates.

To ensure you obtain the necessary government authorizations to hire foreign workers, we take care of preparing your file. We also take care of requesting work permits and visas for your workers.

We make sure that the workers you have selected are well prepared for their arrival in Canada and that they are informed of their rights and obligations as workers, Canadian laws, customs and the Canadian way of life. We also help you purchase plane tickets for the workers.

To ensure there are no delays with their departure or arrival into Montreal, our team is present at the airport to ensure everything goes smoothly and to welcome the workers. Of course, you can also be present with us to welcome the workers upon their arrival.


Faites une demande dès maintenant pour parler avec l’un de nos conseillers en recrutement international!

In the remote regions of Quebec, there is a real shortage of workers in technical trades.

This problem will only get worse in the years to come. This is why many companies in Quebec are now opting for international recruitment and are realizing the advantages of recruiting workers abroad to meet their growing labour needs.


Due to the shortage, businesses here are constantly competing to recruit the best employees available. By turning to international recruitment, you have access to a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from.

An “employer-specific” work permit allows foreign workers to work only for the employer who took the steps leading to their hiring. This is a condition that promotes employee retention and offers a significant advantage given the current labour shortage.

It is also possible for employers to renew the contract of a foreign worker beyond the date initially agreed upon. Also, when you train a worker, they will likely stay with you for many years. Foreign workers are generally loyal to their employers and are grateful for the opportunities given to them.

Having the necessary manpower, you will be able to meet production deadlines and better organize your long-term operations in order to meet your customer commitments. Therefore, you will see your customer satisfaction increase. engagements envers vos clients. Vous verrez ainsi le niveau de satisfaction de votre clientèle augmenter!

International recruitment request

Information required to recruit foreign workers


Why should I work with Trésor Employment Agency Inc.?

International recruitment is a complex process that has several stages. Many different governmental authorities in Quebec, Canada and abroad are involved and there are many details to consider. Our expert recruiters take care of all the steps to maximize the chances that all of your requests will be accepted in the shortest delay possible. Whether it is recruiting in a country whose language is different or for administrative procedures, and/or the integration of foreign workers, our experts accompany you throughout this long process. In addition, they keep you informed on the next steps that need to be taken.

How do you assess technical competencies in international recruitment?

Based on client requirements, we at Trésor Employment Agency Inc., conduct comprehensive interviews with each candidate to assess their technical competencies and abilities. We can also carry out practical tests to validate the implementation of the various topics discussed (note that these practical tests can be filmed).

What are the countries where Trésor Employment Agency Inc. recruits?

We have partnerships in several countries to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of each of our clients (specific skills, language, culture, etc.). Our large network of partners allows us to recruit workers in Latin America, Asia, Africa and certain countries in Europe.

Is it possible to recruit workers that speak French?

Yes, it’s possible. We have partnerships that allow us to recommend French-speaking candidates to clients who request it.

Is the international recruitment service covered by a guarantee? If so, what does it guarantee?

Yes, Trésor Employment Agency Inc. offers a three-month guarantee on all placements for which it manages the recruitment.

If my company already knows a foreign worker it wishes to hire, can Trésor Employment Agency Inc. only take care of the administrative procedures related to their hiring without doing the recruitment?

Yes. Trésor Employment Agency Inc. offers a tailored service. This allows you to select one or more stages of the international recruitment process, depending on your needs. We also offer a turnkey service to businesses. This service is for those who wish to entrust us with the entire international recruitment process.  

What are the steps to hire foreign workers?

In most cases, companies have to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document to obtain authorization from the different government offices to hire one or more foreign workers. Then, the foreign worker(s) have to request a work permit from their country.

How much time does it take to bring over a foreign worker?

From the moment the candidate is recruited, the delays usually vary between six to eight months for the entire process.

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a study where the company shows that it has failed to recruit Canadian or permanent residents to fill its vacant positions. Through this study, the company demonstrates that the foreign worker is fulfilling a real labour need.

What is the stream for low and high wages? In which stream should I apply?

The low salary stream is for jobs where the hourly rate is less than $23.08/hour, whereas the high salary stream is for jobs where the hourly rate is greater than $23.08/hour. Trésor Employment Agency Inc. provides guidance to employers regarding their responsibilities depending on the stream in which their workers are hired