Permit No.: AP – 2000195 - Valid from 20/03/2022 to 19/03/2024

Services aux candidats

Services for candidates

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job? Take advantage of our personalized support to find the ideal job.

We guarantee a systematic and rigorous assessment of your skills and expertise and we offer you a large database of job offers that will allow you to promptly find the best job for you.

Trésor employment agency gives you the opportunity to make job seeking easier! Save time by letting us write and edit your Curriculum vitae and be sure to get a highly professional result.

Our agency helps you be a stand-out candidate by offering you a writing and editing service of the presentation lettre.

A job interview is a crucial stage in job seeking, we have the best tips and tricks to help you prepare and be at your best for the interview. Our personalized approach assures you to be properly coached through all the procedure and to receive the support and preparation you need.

Why should you work with us?

Trésor employment agency has a large expertise in multiple fields and is based on a human and personalized approach that take advantage of the best possible service. For us, there is nothing more important than our client’s well-being and satisfaction.

Find your ideal job in no time by having direct access to multiple specialized job offers in both the administrative and professional sectors. Take advantage of our diversity of services to get in touch with the companies that match your professional profile. Make it to your employment location by using our free transport service. You can also be reassured by our confidentiality policies.